Transforming your house with our smart solutions will get you reach tangible results in a short time, for the long and short term. Here nine reasons why you will make the best decision by choosing us.

Cost efficiency

SmartBuild system offers a cost efficient building method for all components involved in the project. The short construction time results in lower pre-financing costs for the owner of the project. The final user of a Smart building, in turn, will notice right away the difference in the low energy bill.

Certified EU quality

The use of first class materials, the collaboration with well renowned partners in the construction field and the choice of the most qualified workers and engineers in the area. This is how SmartBuild technology is able to guarantee one of the best European qualities on the market.

Energy efficiency

SmartBuild systems use less energy to perform the same task, eliminating energy waste and performing better results. Decreasing energy use lowers energy costs, minimizes greenhouse gas emissions, improves health and reduces demand for energy imports. According to the IEA, improved energy efficiency, could reduce the world’s energy needs in 2050 by one third.


There is only one planet. That’s why SmartBuild is committed to building constructions designed and engineered to have a minimal impact on the territory and the surrounding environment. Our construction processes are non-polluting and buildings can be made with eco-friendly materials.

Innovative technology

SmartBuild’s innovation lies in some of its most distinctive features. We provide lightweight, durable and resistant materials designed to last. Additionally, SmartBuild systems offer versatile and universal solutions, engineered to be compatible with any other construction methods.

Calamities proof

Several tests and calculations performed by the partners with whom SmartBuild collaborates, demonstrate the effectiveness and resistance of SmartBuild materials when subjected to natural disasters such as hurricanes, fire and earthquakes. This feature further ensures the safety and durability of SmartBuild products. 

Fast building process

SmartBuild systems are significantly shorter than conventional building methods. The secret keys are universality, an industrialized system and a rationalised project that allows a precise planning and prevents delays. Fast construction processes can be very effective in case of emergencies.

Personal comfort

A well-insulated building provides several benefits that contribute to the creation of a comfortable, economical and healthy environment. Thermal protection makes an enormous difference in hot and cold climates. Likewise, an acoustic protection is equally important in terms of personal comfort. 

Trusted partners

SmartBuild collaborates with the most trusted partners in the field of constructions and intelligent building solutions. We truly believe in the importance of creating solid and valuable collaboration that contributes to bilateral growth. Find out more about our partnerships in the dedicated section.